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Boyuan Construction Group Convenes Board Meeting in Jiaxing
Publish Date: 12/18/2017 Hits£º882 times

On December 15, 2017, Boyuan Construction Group, Inc. convened the Board of Directors meeting for fiscal year 2017 at Kingford Hotel in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province. Mr. Shou Cailiang, CEO and Chairman of the Board, and other directors attended the meeting.  CFO Paul Law and Legal Counsel Judith Wilkin were invited to attend the meeting.  The meeting was chaired by the leading director Francis Liang.

Mr. Shou presented a work report on company operations situation in 2017 and business and strategic planning in 2018, he pointed that with the rapid growth of the regional market in Jiaxing, the company has established partnerships with several well-known domestic real estate companies such as Vanke Real Estate, Greentown Real Estate and Zhongnan Real Estate; the company¡¯s production is in good condition and the project has achieved excellent results. On November 6th, the company won the first ¡°Luban Award¡±, which was the first ¡°Luban Award¡± created by local enterprises in Jiaxing City. In terms of company management, the company re-optimized its organizational structure in order to improve its operating efficiency; The establishment of a system reform promotion group aims to strengthen institutional innovation and strengthen the supervision of system implementation and improve the execution of the system. He also said: With the release of a series of national policies, it is worth looking forward to in 2018. In particular, Jiaxing, as a model zone for Zhejiang Province to connect with Shanghai, faces unprecedented opportunities for development. The company will continue to regard Jiaxing and surrounding cities as the core areas for development, accelerate the improvement of market distribution and management services, and closely grasp the opportunities for a new round of development.

At the meeting, Luo Fengyuan, Group Chief Financial Officer, made 2017 annual financial performance report and 2018 annual financial budget report to the Board of Directors; Jack Duffy, the Director, made a report to the Board of Directors on related work; Francis Leong gave the Board of Directors the corporate governance, nomination and remuneration committee work report.

During the meeting, the directors also discussed the market environment, the company's current management, the business situation, the problems to be solved and the future development planning. The directors affirmed the performance of the company in 2017 and were full of expectations for the future of the company.

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