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The First Half of 2016 Work Conference
Publish Date: 8/15/2016 Hits1726 times

On August 12nd, 2016, Boyuan Company convened the work summary conference for the first half of 2016. Boyuan Chairman Shou Cailiang, Deputy General Manager Qian Feng and other 21 middle management staff attended the conference.

At the meeting, Company Deputy General Manager Qian Feng briefly summarized the work of the first half of 2016 of the Hainan branch and pointed out that the existing problems in business, and engineering management and comprehensive management work and put forward specific measures on how to better carry out the management work in the second half of 2016. Later, Boyuan Chairman Mr. Shou made an important speech and put forward three requirements for the second half of the year. The first is to strengthen the fund management and control the operational risks reasonably and efficiently. The second is to enhance the comprehensive management especially in production work management. The third is to reform the performance incentive mechanism.

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