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Charity Federation of Jiaxing Port Established, Boyuan Contributes Two Million RMB
Publish Date: 4/1/2010 Hits£º1925 times


    On March 26th, 2010, the inaugural meeting of the Charity Federation of Jiaxing Port was held in  Zhapu Town. Chairman Shou Cailiang was appointed as the Vice Director of the Federation. Vice mayor of Jiaxingand Director of the Municipal General Charity Federation, Zhang Zhiwei, as well as Vice Director Shen Mingu were among  some of the more than 200 officials  from the Jiaxing Port and affiliated counties that were in attendance at the  meeting.
    Mr. Zhang congratulated the Federation members for  the establishment of the charity.  Chairman Shou told the attendees  that it is corporation¡¯s responsibility to care for the community¡¯s  well-being, and that Boyuan will continue to contribute  to the development of the charity and fulfill its own social responsibilities.
   During the meeting, the Charity Federation raised a total of  25 million RMB in donations  from the 49 companies present and other  individuals.  Boyuan contributed two million RMB and setup the Boyuan Fund to assist the less fortunate.



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